Deepening the approach to whole health.


Increasingly, scientific research funded and conducted by the most reputable institutions in the nation and the world are showing that energetic disciplines create excellent results when integrated with other health modalities. Studies have also shown that energetic modalities have positive impact towards an individual’s enrichment, serving as a catalyst to achieve a person's maximum potential in health, wellness and everyday life. Yet, all too often, instruction in energetic disciplines are either limited to a single philosophy, too complex to integrate effectively into daily life, too shallow to provide much benefit, or just the offering of unscrupulous personalities to take advantage of your naïveté.

The AUM Institute of Energetic Medicine integrates the most effective systems of energetic disciplines to bring balance and health to our whole being: body, mind and spirit.  Our program includes modalities that are being heralded and recognized today for their invaluable contribution to avert the on setting of disease. AUM will expand your personal wellbeing, profession and career by teaching you the arts of mind/body, energetic and spiritual/humanistic practices, including Medical Qi-Gong, Tai-Chi Chuan, Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga; the philosophies of Traditional Chinese, Japanese , Ayurvedic and Native American Medicines; and Compassionate Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Empathic Listening & Counseling, and Wellness Coaching.  The entire curriculum encompasses 1,440 hours of quality instruction stretched over six semesters.

Our degree program in Integrative Energetic Medicine is not one of the so many programs and degrees you could achieve from a remote location in cyberspace. Our unique and effective adjunct degree program is taught through convenient, part-time options in a hands-on, small-class environment (limited to 25 students) in the Santa Fe College GTEC Center in Gainesville, Florida.  The teaching staff is a dynamic group of recognized experienced experts in the fields of therapy and energetic practices, in both oriental and western medicine. We have distinguished ourselves as leaders in the field, and as role models in our community, and are excited to share this information with you.


Professor K.A. Shakoor, D.A.O.M.
Executive Director, Mentor



About Our Founder

Professor K.A. Shakoor, DAOM, brings more than 50 years of experience to the AUM Institute through his extensive training in energetic and internal martial arts and holistic medical practices. His diverse teaching background of more than 25 years has brought him to instruct in public and private educational institutions, hospitals, mental health facilities, government and law enforcement agencies, private groups, clubs, and sports teams.

Professor Shakoor is an active community health advocate and has coordinated health activities and summits across the United States. He has authored multiple books, including Ghetto Sutras and Maahaah Yoga, published by Jannah Press, as well as his soon-to-be released book The Treatment of the Shen in Relation to T.C.M. and Tibetan Medicine.

His passion for integrated energetic medicine as a tool for medical efficacy, as well as a tool for supporting health and wellness practitioners and care givers, drives the purpose of the AUM Institute for Energetic Medicine.

Professor K.A. Shakoor, AUM Institute Founder

Professor K.A. Shakoor, AUM Institute Founder